What's Our Deal?

Babybot is for the modern minimalist. If you love beautiful, relevant design-inspired products, why should baby products be any different? The masterminds behind this idea are two creative directors with a love of awesome product design, the know-how to create a killer online shopping experience, and a serious eye for coolness.

Is this a new concept? Not even close. Our mantra "Say hello to modern", is a throwdown, because Canada has yet to see it done well.



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Babybot Splash Time

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Babybot Original

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Babybot Pattern

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Bunnybot Pattern

peita (the nagging hag-gis)

Peita can project manage like the dickens! She has worked in marketing for the past nine years, specializing in online marketing since 2003. She leads large teams of creative and technical professionals.

Peita has an eye for sleek, minimal design, influenced by her European background. She has a two-year-old son and is eager to see stylish and modern furnishings for babies and children in the Canadian market.

tran (his awesome-ness)

Inspired by killer design, His Awesome-ness (as he is referred, by friends and strangers alike) saw a need to bring it to the baby space. With a refined eye for design, he does his best to source what modern parents are looking for.

Michael has been working in the creative field for the past decade and lives for art and design.

renee (melonz)

After watching one too many Tyra Banks shows, Renee had an epiphany: Babybot! Sadly, this is a true story. (Don't even ask!) A new mother of a one-year-old, she understands firsthand the challenges of finding baby products that reflect a modern and minimalist lifestyle.

Renee has worked as a creative director at Critical Mass for the past 11 years, leading digital marketing initiatives for companies such as Infiniti, Dell, Gucci and Hyatt Hotels & Resorts.

russell (tech whiz)

Russell has been in the I.T. industry for eight years. Therefore, he is always right and knows everything there is to know about the web. He's worked with high-profile clients such as Nissan, Budweiser and Hyatt. Currently, he works as a tech lead at Critical Mass.

Russell loves spending time with his wife and three children. He also enjoys learning about new technologies and trends and is always up for a game of cards.

lisa (grammar nazi)

Ruler of the red pen, Lisa spends her days creating content strategy and writing copy as a senior content analyst at Critical Mass. She has helped companies such as BFGoodrich, Hyatt, USAA and Smithsonian Magazine increase sales and improve customer service.

Lisa has no children yet (ask her in six months), but loves to shop for her friends' kids and is an avid trend spotter. She enjoys traveling, photography, and making fun of His Awesome-ness.